SI Civil Program

Office of Human Resources

The SI Civil Program is a resource that Smithsonian employees and affiliated persons may use to report threats of violence, incidents of intimidation, or harassment, and get information about appropriate next steps. The goal of SI Civil is to empower employees and affiliated persons to communicate workplace concerns and facilitate the resolutions of those concerns as quickly as possible.

The SI Civil Program covers two policies and associated guidance and reporting procedures:

SI Civil Reporting Process

Anyone may contact SI Civil for more information or to report an incident of harassment or workplace-violence related behavior. Please refer to the policies and procedures linked above for further information.

To prevent and remedy incidents of workplace harassment or workplace-violence related behavior, the Smithsonian must be made aware of the conduct or behavior. Any employee or affiliated person who has been subjected to harassment or other concerning behaviors is encouraged to inform the person responsible for the conduct that it is unwelcome and offensive, and request that it cease. If the conduct continues or if the employee is uncomfortable communicating with the responsible person about the conduct, they are encouraged to report the matter to SI Civil.

SI Civil Hotline: 202-633-6620

SI Civil Email: [email protected]

SI Civil Coordinator:

Amanda C. Jones
[email protected] 

Report a Concern

If a reporting party wishes to remain anonymous (e.g., by submitting a report via an anonymous email account), key details would be omitted which will limit the Smithsonian’s ability to conduct a thorough inquiry and take corrective administrative action. Individuals are encouraged to disclose all relevant information so SI can thoroughly investigate the allegations. If the reporting party would like to discuss the allegations in a completely confidential setting, they should contact the Employee Assistance Program or the Ombuds, both of which operate under principles of confidentiality. Visit Prism, the Smithsonian intranet site, for more information on those offices.

*Requires Smithsonian network or Prism access. All others may email [email protected] to report a concern.