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Smithsonian 2022 Greater Reach, Greater Relevance, Profound Impact

Our Purpose

The increase and diffusion of knowledge.

Our Plan

This five-year Strategic Plan, launched in 2017, outlines the direction and priorities for the Smithsonian.

Our Vision

By 2022, the Smithsonian will build on its unique strengths to engage and to inspire more people, where they are, with greater impact, while catalyzing critical conversation on issues affecting our nation and the world.

Closing Thoughts

  • As we consider the next five years and the future beyond, it is clear that our mission to promote “the increase and diffusion of knowledge” is more relevant than ever.
  • By 2022, if we are successful in advancing this Plan, we will be an even more powerful force.
  • Though its history extends nearly 200 years, this next stage of the Smithsonian Institution may well be its finest hour.


Smithsonian 2022 (PDF)